The Kenilworth Festival changed direction in 2016, when new members joined and created Kenilworth Arts Festival.  

Lewis Smith and Charlotte Thomas were driving forces behind the festival, spearheading its launch in 2016, In their time as directors, they and the rest of the committee grew the festival into a thriving annual event. Working with local local companies like Kenilworth books,  Kenilworth Jazz Club and many others they brought leading writers, campaigners and musicians to Kenilworth from all over the UK and beyond. 

Lewis and Charlotte moved on from Kenilworth Arts Festival in 2019, but the rest of us will be forever grateful for them for transforming the festival to its current format.  The past 18 months have turned out to be tough year for us all, but we continue to bring you the high quality content that is associated the festival.  

Here is a little look back on previous years, if you’re feeling nostalgic.