Beautiful Benches

Our first project for 2022 is an extension of the Talisman Project. We are looking at the benches of our town and seeking ways to embrace and enhance them.

We believe benches are a critical part of daily life, a place to sit that welcomes you to the town, somewhere to allow people to loosely belong within the flow of daily life, to see and be seen.

The invitation of sitting makes no further demands, no price tag, dress code or length of stay.

A place to connect or reflect. We are inviting local artists, schools and community groups to submit proposals to create their own beautiful bench in Kenilworth. The aim is to create functional pieces of art that become a destination and in the longer term part of a culture trail around the town.

We will be looking for;

  • Imagination and creativity in your design of the bench and the surrounding space.
  • Consideration for sustainability; how you recycle or re-purpose materials.
  • How you will increase greenery or develop existing planting to improve bio-diversity.
  • Ways in which you will encourage community involvement.
  • The potential to create a social connection point.