Beautiful Benches

Beautiful benches is a project that has been developed with funding from Kenilworth Town Councillor’s grant and a personal donation from a local member of the community.

Kenilworth Arts Festival found seven benches around Kenilworth that were in need of some tender loving care.

We worked closely with year seven students at Kenilworth School during 2021 and created a competition to design a bench. Nine winning designs were given to local artists to reimagine and paint onto four of the benches in the Station Road parklet area.

Separately, we promoted a design brief and selected two designs from local artists which have been painted onto a bench on the corner of Regency Drive and on the bench opposite Sainsburys.


Thanks to the artists involved:

Natalie Thurman 
Diane Shores 
Tabitha Marsh 
Eleanor Hughes 
Jacqui Smithson – 
Ukraine Bench – painted by Becky Webb & Jacqui Smithson

Mel Dearing
Rainbow Bench – painted by Judy Brook & Becky Webb