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Will Ashon

About the Artist

Will Ashon is a novelist, former music journalist and founder of the Big Dada imprint of Ninja Tune Records.

His debut non-fiction book, Strange Labyrinth, was published by Granta in April 2017 and has been described by The Guardian as a “glorious… anarchic hymn to the scruffy edgeland of Epping Forest“. Strange Labyrinth is a quest narrative arguing that we shouldn’t get lost in order to find ourselves, but solely to accept that we are lost in the first placeIt is a singular blend of landscape writing, political indignation, cultural history and wit from a startling new voice in non-fiction.

“From John Clare to Crass, Will Ashon unearths magic in a forest that is more than mere harbour and hide-out for dissidents, poets and outlaws, but which represents an entire narrative strand of an ever-changing England. Here is deep questing into both person and place, masterfully delivered’ – Benjamin Myers