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Sarah Moss

About the Artist

Sarah Moss is one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary British fiction. She has been described by The Independent as ‘one of the best British novelists writing today’, and by novelist Margaret Drabble as ‘writer of exceptional gifts’. Starting with Cold Earth (2009), Moss has written five critically acclaimed novels, which have explored distinctive locations, historical periods and themes. Her novels include Night Waking (2011), Bodies of Light (2014), Signs for Lost Children (2015), and most recently The Tidal Zone (2016).

As well as her fiction, Moss has written two works of non-fiction, Names for the Sea: Strangers in Iceland (2012) about a period spent living in Reykjavik and Spilling the Beans: Eating, Cooking, Reading and Writing in British Women’s Fiction ( 2009), an academic work focusing on food and gender in Romantic-era women’s fiction.

She is currently Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Warwick.