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We are happy to announce that we have secured the use of the Exhibition Room at Kenilworth Library for the duration of Kenilworth Arts Festival (20th – 29th September). As a result, we’re now on the lookout for talented local artists (anyone with a CV postcode) to contribute artworks for an exhibition on the theme of ‘Community’.

There are no limitations on the medium or size of your piece; traditional art, film, sculpture, photography, mixed media, and beyond will all be accepted for submission. The title theme for submissions has been left as open as possible to allow you to explore it as widely as you wish and we look forward to viewing all interpretations and personal responses. It is not necessary for your artwork to be made specifically for this exhibition – if you have previous works that you think suit the theme these are also welcome for submission. In addition to this, if you have more than one piece of artwork that you wish to enter, multiple submissions are accepted.

Our aim is to support both established and emerging artists. On the submission form (below), we ask that – along with a good quality image of your submission – you also provide a small paragraph about yourself as an artist, including a brief exhibition history. Please do not worry if you haven’t exhibited before as it is not a requirement for your work to be considered.

Submissions will be open until Sunday 19th August 2018

If your work is selected it should be ready for display. We do want this opportunity to be open to everyone, however, so a small number of bursaries will be available should early-career artists require support with costs of framing and other preparations ahead of the exhibition. Should you wish to be considered for a bursary, please stipulate this in the ‘image description’ box below. 

Full terms and conditions are below. 

We look forward to receiving your submissions!


Submissions Form

More information + terms & conditions

1. Who can apply?
a. The exhibition is intended to support and celebrate ‘local’ artists. In an attempt to establish a precise geographical parameter, we have opted to define ‘local’ as anyone who has a CV postcode. We’re aware that ‘local’ is a hazy term, though, so if you feel particularly ‘local’ to Kenilworth but don’t have a CV postcode, by all means still get in touch.

b. Artists working with a pseudonym or collaboratively are eligible to apply.

c. The exhibition can feature any medium including, for example, painting, sculpture, moving image, photography, drawing, performances or installation.

2. Submissions Process
a. The application process is intended to be quick and straightforward. To submit an application for your work to be considered in the exhibition, all you need to do initially is to complete the brief form on this page ( and press ‘send’.

b. There is no application fee.

c. Providing you have included all the necessary information, you will receive on-screen confirmation that your submission has been successfully sent. This will be the only form of receipt you will receive; you will not also receive email confirmation.

d.  The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm on Sunday 19th August.

e. Due to the expected high number of applications and the space limitations of the venue, there is a possibility that not everybody will be able to exhibit their work. The final choice of artists will be made by a selection panel, composed of members of the Kenilworth Arts Festival commitee and a select few students from the University of Warwick’s History of Art programme who are interetsed in gaining curatorial experience. The final decisions will be a collective choice made by the selectors, based on the submitted material. These decisions will be made in late August 2018.

f. Only successful applicants will be contacted, by email, by 31st August 2018. We will also announce the full list of participants on social media ( and 

g. If you are successful, we will be in touch to ask for confirmation that you wish to proceed and loan out your work to the festival for the duration of the festival (20th – 29th September 2018). We will also ask you to confirm your artist biography, which will accompany your work and appear in the exhibition catalogue.

3. Delivery & collection of your work
a. If you are successful, we will be in touch to discuss this process further. 

4. Sale of work. 
a. We’re hoping to be able to offer artists the opportunity to sell work directly in the space. If this is not possible, we will do our upmost to connect prospective clients with artists via email or websites (subject to artists’ approval, of course).  

5. Liability
a. It is advised you insure your works against all risks, not least as this exhibition space will also serve as an ‘information hub’ for the festival.  

6. Intellectual Property
a. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to Works, will remain the property of the artist and any enquiries in relation to such rights will be referred to the artist.

b. The festival will have the right to copy and/or reproduce the work(s) in connection with the exhibition, for advertising the sale of the work(s) and/or for general marketing or promotional purposes. This includes online – on the festival’s website – and in print if there is a printed catalogue.

7. Personal Data
a. We take your privacy seriously. See here for our broader privacy statement. 

b. Any information provided in the submissions form will be held solely for the purpose of administering the exhibition and will not be transferred to a third party without the express consent of the artist. Completed submissions forms are stored in a secure email inbox. 

c. The exhibition is designed as an opportunity for artists to promote their work in the local area. As such, third parties (aka potential customers) may wish to acquire contact details such as name, email and/or telephone number, so they can find out more and/or purchase work from artists. All artists who are selected for the exhibition will be asked to confirm which details they are happy to be made publicly available.