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If you’ve booked tickets online for Isata’s concert this evening, hopefully you’ll have these details on your tickets. If not, here is the programme for Isata’s concert:

Full programme:
Brahms: Intermezzo in B-flat Major, Op. 117, No. 2
Brahms: Intermezzo in A Major, Op. 118, No. 2
Brahms: Ballade in G Minor, Op. 118, No. 3
Brahms: Intermezzo in F Minor, Op. 118, No. 4
Brahms: Romance in F Major, Op. 118, No. 5

Clara Schumann: Ballade, Op. 6, No. 4
Clara Schumann: Notturno, Op. 6, No. 2
Clara Schumann: Scherzo No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 14


Clara Schumann: 3 Romances for solo piano, Op. 11
Clara Schumann: Piano Sonata in G Minor