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Amadeus Long

About the Artist

Amadeus Long is the UK’s finest young street photographer. Mostly taken in and around the streets of London, his photographs are a testament to the considered and patient skills of a talented photographer.

Amadeus Long is a uniquely British talent. Each and every one of his photographs are taken by the camera on his mobile telephone.

Anyone can take a picture on a mobile phone these days. Everyone does. And yet no-one is doing what Amadeus Long is doing. He is the leading light of the new generation of photographers that use their cameraphone as a tool to share their creative talents on social media.

With his committed and organically grown 14,000 following on Instagram, and a rapidly growing collector base that buys miniature editions of his works via the e-commerce site, Amadeus Long has created a modern way of working that is totally new in the UK art market.

Through his body of work we can reference Henri Cartier Bresson, the founder of contemporary photography. The two share in common a distinct ability to capture moments of exquisite beauty in the urban environment.

Amadeus Long is excited to be a part of the Kenilworth Arts Festival, which shall be the first place where he will exhibit his artworks and share about his life as a photographer.

“What I do is a product of relentless curiosity. Using my phone is not a novelty or a stunt –  it’s a natural way for me to capture moments and show worlds which otherwise go unseen. I am looking forward to sharing this as part of the Festival and to see my photos exhibited for the very first time.”